Welcome to my blog here at iuml.ch!

Hello, and welcome to my blog here at iuml.ch. I endeavor to write as many posts as I can here. Naturally I have lots to say, much to the annoyance of my friends and family! Some say I’m opinionated, I’d just say I’m bot passionate and educated! I’ll leave you to be the jusge to form your own opinions.

A little about me……Born in London in the early 1980’s, I am a TV loving 80’s child at heart. Friends call me Mace, which some bright spark somehow derived from my which is Mason-Laws.

Anyway, that’s about enough for my first post. I’m off on a weekend away shortly, so that will be the subject of my second post!

Once again, welcome to my blog here at www.iuml.ch.

Ian Ulric Mason-Laws