My Recent Visit to Lausanne

I was only on my second day in Lausanne, but already, I was dying to leave.

Don’t get me wrong, Lausanne is an amazing place. Situated close to Lake Geneva, the city is nothing short of picturesque. It has an old-world charm to it that I find so inviting. The French-speaking people are pleasant. And the coffee at Café Des Artisans is to die for!

There were a couple of moments – once while walking along Rue du Petit-Chêne and once while staring in awe at a statue in front of the Palais de Rumine – when I seriously considered leaving everything behind and moving to Switzerland. That was how much I loved the city.

Between brief moments of wonder and enthrallment at the beauty of the metropolis, however, reality would drag me back to the fact that I could not capture these moments, because guess what… I forgot to bring Dylan!

For those of you who don’t know, Dylan is my four-year old camera, which also happens to be my other half, best friend and loyal travel companion. Every beach, mountain and foreign city I go, the gadget goes with me. Leaving it at home has never been an option, but still, for some strange reason, I forgot to bring it and to the most important trip of my life, no less.

I know what you’re thinking: I could always buy a cheap camera in Switzerland, right? But, no! I was on a tight budget and even if I had spare cash to spend on a lousy camera, it could never compete with Dylan’s ability to capture clear, stunning photographs.

So I hope you could understand why there are no images in this post!

Anyway, after the initial shock and frustration, I decided to stop being a baby and keep in mind why I came to Switzerland in the first place: to get away from London for the weekend and to do some site seeing.

All in all I had a fantastic weekend. I met some fantastic people and have a few tales to tell.  Aside from being a fantsatic city, the nightlife was very lively. On both evenings I started with a few drinks at the fabulously located and beautiful Casino de Montbenon.  Now I’ve been a a few casinos in my time (for those that don’t know me, I do like a flutter now and again) and this casino has to be on of my favourites.  That’s saying something particularly as I’ve been to Las Vegas, the supposed meca of gambling. Built in the earl 1900’s, the Casino Montbenon is only a brisk five minute walk from the centre of town.  It’s surrounded in beautiful gardens and has amazing views of the lake and nearby mountains.  It’s a must visit in my eyes, and even if you don’t like to gamble, it’s certainly worth a visit just to sit in the bar and sample both the views and the atmosphere.

Anyway, what a fabulous weekend.  I have a few more stories from my tavels.  Check back with my next blog post to hear all about these!

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Hello, and welcome to my blog here at I endeavor to write as many posts as I can here. Naturally I have lots to say, much to the annoyance of my friends and family! Some say I’m opinionated, I’d just say I’m bot passionate and educated! I’ll leave you to be the jusge to form your own opinions.

A little about me……Born in London in the early 1980’s, I am a TV loving 80’s child at heart. Friends call me Mace, which some bright spark somehow derived from my which is Mason-Laws.

Anyway, that’s about enough for my first post. I’m off on a weekend away shortly, so that will be the subject of my second post!

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